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How to NOT Become A Bridezilla When Your Wedding Day Is Fast Approaching

August 21, 2017

Mine and Dillon’s (my fiancé) wedding is 4 months, 9 days, and 2 hours away at the time I’m posting this blog post!! I can’t believe it’s so close!! Time has literally disappeared. I remember when we first got engaged back at the end of February 2017 and I told everyone right away I was going to have a super small, chill, simple wedding and make darn sure I didn’t let the small stuff get to me. I’m majoring in interior design so I knew that if I took full control over the décor I’d start obsessing over the tiniest detail and I wouldn’t enjoy one of the most important days of my life. Also, I used to watch the show Bridezillas on WE TV and would always think to myself “I’m NOT going to be like that when I’m getting married”. So, fast forward to today and everything has been going smoothly so far with the planning! I’m writing this blog post for me as well honestly so when the wedding gets closer and things get more real with the planning, I can look back at this post and remember why I need to control the Bridezilla that’s deep down inside of me lol


Reason #1 to not allow the Bridezilla to come out:  Imagine this, will you or anyone of your family or friends remember 2 months from now the placement cards that weren’t the right shade of off white you asked for or the cake topper that wasn’t the one you ordered from online? No you won’t. No they won’t. First of all, they won’t even know something is wrong or missing because they didn’t know something was wrong or missing to begin with! Unless you have a friend or family member who is just trying to pick out the little mishaps to sabotage your big day because they’re envious. You need to kick them to the curb to-day. Just breathe girl. There are far more important things about this day than a bridesmaid having a different heel than everyone else.


Reason #2:  Picture this. You’re walking up the walkway to your aunt’s house for a holiday gathering with the family, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even just grandma’s birthday party, and everyone who was in or at your wedding is there. They saw your nasty little Bridezilla tantrum about not having the right ribbon around your bouquet and heard you speaking rudely about the bakery who “ruined” your cake just because it didn’t have the right amount of shimmery pearls on it. Worst of all, they saw you get angry with your 5 year old niece for not wanting to walk herself down the aisle because she had the audacity of being too tired. You freeze at the front door knowing you’ll have to face them all now. I don’t know about you but I would feel extremely embarrassed having to sit there and pretend like everything is alright knowing they saw me have no self-control over my emotions on my wedding day. Nothing is more important than family in my eyes and almost destroying your relationship with anyone of them over one day is never worth it.


Reason #3:  And last but not least, the most important reason of all. Your wedding day honestly isn’t even about the lighting or the flowers or the shoes you’re wearing. Don’t get me wrong, every girl deserves a gorgeous wedding. She deserves to feel flawless in her dress and her makeup be on point. There’s just something about planning a wedding that flips a switch inside of a bride to where even the shyest woman can turn into an intolerable beast in white.  I, for one, want everything perfect on my wedding day but at the same time, we need to step back when you’re getting too caught up in the planning of it all and understand that a wedding is a Holy union between a man and a woman and becoming one in the eyes of God. About a man and a woman confessing their love for one another and vowing to be each other’s other half forever. When I was single and waiting for God to bring me my future partner in crime, I had a lot of time to study about how sacred marriage really is to God. After the wedding is over, the decor is taken down, and everyone goes home, that is what’s left and what will always remain.

So keep it calm bride or future bride to be. Your wedding will be even more beautiful and unforgettable if you are cool, calm, and collected. No one benefits from being a Bridezilla. Keep these key points in your head while going through the planning process and on your actual wedding day and you’ll be golden.    



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